Tips for successful estimation of an art painting

The estimation of an art painting is a necessary prerequisite for all operations related to the painting. Before buying a painting, you must estimate its value. Similarly, before selling a painting, its value must be estimated to know at what price it should probably be sold. But to estimate a painting, there are tricks you can use. In this article, we will talk about them.

Consider the artist’s reputation

If you want to estimate the value of a painting, you can base it on the reputation of the artist. Indeed, not all artists have the same reputation. There are painters whose names alone are enough to increase exponentially the value attributed to the painting. These are the artists whose fame transcends many generations. So if it is a painting whose author is recognized, its value will be greater than if its author is not recognized. But be careful, this alone is not enough. There are painters who are well known but whose works do not have a high value. You must therefore combine all the criteria for a valid estimate.

Use the age of the painting as a basis

The age of a painting can be taken into account in order to estimate its value. Indeed, art paintings are like bottles of wine. The older they get, the more valuable they become. Thus, a painting that was created in the 17th century will not have the same monetary value as a painting that was created in the 21st century. In order to know the age of the painting, you can see if it is marked. If it is not, you need to move on to looking at your painting. If the painting ages, the threads that were used to create it will lose tenacity and start to get damaged. Also, its antiquated character will start to come out. But if you are not a good observer, you can just rely on scientific methods to find out the age of the painting.

Where to buy an artwork

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How to buy an art painting?

The purchase of a work of art is not at all easy. It requires a lot of vigilance and professionalism. This is even more obvious when it comes to a painting. Today, there are many counterfeits of these works which burst on the market of art. So there are certain requirements that must be met in order to buy a painting. We talk about it in this article. Use a professional To buy an art painting, contact a professional in the field. Indeed, because of the bad faith of art sellers today, it is best... Read more